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How to earn money online? How to earn money by using phone? How to earn money by using internet? How to earn money? This all are the regular questions from indian people. I have single solution for all these question. The solution is Taxaal! So, lets know how to use this app?

Taxaal is a number prediction app. Where, you can make predictions for even and odd numbers. For every correct prediction, you will earn points.

Taxaal is very simple to use, the layout is self-explaining. it also get simple design. It’s so easy to use that anyone could earn with it. It took me less than 10 minutes to figure out the concept. In Taxaal app after every 15 minutes a slot will open which will show a random number, it could be even or odd. You need to add money in this app before doing any prediction. Taxaal is one of the best app in which no one will lose if you play with even odd strategy. Must read the prediction tips at the end of this review.


>Download the taxaal app using the given link.
>Open the taxaal app.

>Register your email address and mobile number for the verification code.
>While registration using our referral code.
>After login this app, you will get 20 bouns points to play.

>Start the game.

>Taxaal consists of 3 rooms, which are gold, silver, and platinum.

>You start with the silver room. In this room, you spend a very low amount of coins.
>If you select the room, you could not change the room before you finish the slot.
>Now it’s time to predict the numbers.

>The slot opens, it shows the winning number.

>In case your number wins, you got 90 points in the app.

>On the home page of this app, click on the top left 3 lines.

>Click the manage wallet.

>Click the recharge option and add your money to your wallet.

>Using Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, Net >Banking, Wallets, and International >Payment Method you can add money.
>If you want money enter the amount how much you want.
>After entering the amount click pay now option.

>Open the taxaal user menu.
>You can credit your money to your bank account.

>Enter Bank Name, Account holder name, Bank Branch Name, IFSC Code of your bank, and Account Number.
>Click on the update details option.
Now you can withdraw the amount from your bank account.
>The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs.200.

Additional Features In Taxaal User Menu

Redeem/Encash Coins

Wallet History – Last 7 Days

Prediction History – Last 7 Days

Winning History – Last 7 Days

Player Reports – Custom Dates

Winning Number List

Prediction Hints

How To Play Videos

Turn In-Game Music On/Off

Prediction Tips (Must Read)

Is there any Hint for  predicting and winning in Taxaal — Can Taxaal be decoded?

Just like Flipping a coin can have 2 results either head or tail with a probability of 50 % each, similarly choosing a number between 0 to 9 can have 2 sets of outcome – either odd or even. 

In simple words, there are five even numbers 0 2 4 6 8 and five odd numbers 1 3 5 7 9 between 0 to 9 both of the two sets in Taxaal have 50% chance of being choosen. With this concept in mind, if a player put 10 Taxaal coins each on all odd numbers 1 3 5 7 and 9 and the winning number is even, than he is at a loss of 50 taxaal Coins If next time the player puts 30 Taxaal Coins (more than previous time ) once again on all the odd numbers and if the winning no. is an odd number than he’ll get 9 times of 30 taxaal Coins i.e. 270 taxaal Coins – This 270 taxaal Coins will not only compensate for the lost 200 taxaal Coins ( previously lost 50 taxaal Coins + 150 taxaal Coins placed on the other odd numbers the second time ) , but the player will also get a profit of 70 taxaal Coins . 

So, in a nutshell playing taxaal is similar to flipping a coin wherein, head and tail is similar to the set of odd and even numbers , each set stands a 50-50% chance of being choosen. 

The key to win in this app is to place more coins (approximately three times) than the previous time either on all odd or on all even numbers the next time when you play. 
Remember the more coins you put than the previous time the more chances you stand at winning. 
Now that you know the secret, Start Playing Now!

Note :- Make sure that you have sufficient taxaal coins in your wallet so that you can put approximately three times coins in the next chance to recover previous loss andn make Some reasonable profit in the Next Prediction slot . 

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This app is fully safe and secure.


Taxaal is one of the best apps to earn money by making predictions. And the best part is you spend as low as 10 points in this app. It’s absolutely free and fun.

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